Elder Matthew Gummow

Monday, April 29, 2013

"Chi le ma" April 28, 2013

Elder Gummow had a really great week and finally sent some pictures!  We are happy to see him as well as hear from him!  Here are some details from his recent email:
"Wow what a week!! and the weekend was a spectacular ending to it all too!  This week ended up being filled with miracles of all kinds and we are so grateful to God for all that he's given us. 

So there was a lot that happened this week but I'll focus on the biggest miracles since I don't have tons of time.  First was last Tuesday was an amazing day, we fasted the day before and Tuesday morning as well because lately we've been having trouble finding progressing investigators.  We get a lot of new investigators every week but for some reason very little to none of them have been interested in keeping commitment and learning the Gospel.  Elder M....... says this is the first time in his mission where he's had to teach so many first lessons. 

"But Tuesday while contacting at a former's house we met this kid named xxxx.  He's really cool too, he was walking on his way home from school started talking to him and apparently his mom is originally from America and is Christian which is really rare here.  He said within the first 3 minutes we were talking to him that he's always wanted to be Christian and that he has read the whole Bible before because he would read it to help calm himself when school was too stressful or something.  So we introduced prayer and reading to him and he's like I will definitely read this whole book - pointing to the Book of Mormon...he's so cool!! The only problem is that his dad right now says he can't get baptized for another 3 years because he is to young right now to decide for himself. 

So after meeting xxxx, we went to the former investigator's house, he wasn't home but we went to the next door over to see if they knew him and they let us it.  It was a nice little family and the Mom said she almost came to our church before but the kids were too scared, and that she's always wanted a religious belief in her life because she know it can help her in hard times. 

After that was Saturday. We were contacting again in a really crowded place when all of the sudden a guy rides up to Elder M..... and is like, "How's It going?"  Elder M...... was like, "wow you're really brave to ride up and talk to me", and the guy started telling him how he is going through a big change in his life and he wants to know what to do and that he's always respected us missionaries and our strong faith.  So we invited him to church the next day.  He came! To keep the story short, we had a lesson on obeying commandments and after church he's like "I want to know all the Commandments so I can't start keeping them right now". 

Then Sunday evening we were going to visit a part-member family to see if they would be home when we got a call from the Sisters in our ward, they told us there was a guy named C.....DiXiong at the church and that he was waiting for us.  We were really confused because we hadn't set up anyone but we flew over to the church and there is this older guy sitting on the couch.  He told us he came to this church because he's been really lonely and worried and that he remembered a missionary he met a long time ago and this church so he decided to come back here.  He is the sweetest humblest guy ever though, and we were so willing to teach him how the gospel can help his life.  Afterwards he came to a FHE with us and met one of the members who ended up having a lot in common with him, and he was really happy to meet her.  He told us "thank you so so much for inviting me here" (in English) I am so glad to meet this H.....Jiemei, tonight. It was so sweet to see him then a little less lonely and a lot happier because of the love from the members.

That covers the miracles for this week, needless to say it was a really good week this week.  We never got to see that kid that we met outside of Mcdonald's last week.  I guess the story is still to be continued.  But I'm so glad you learned "Chile ma" this week mom.  I just learned this week that Taiwanese don't really say "how are you" and stuff like that. Instead they ask you "chibaolemei" or "chile ma" stuff like that.  Interesting  difference in cultures.  So "ni hao ma" is actually very rarely said here.  It's just something Americans think Chinese people say I guess."

(Note from mom:   "Chi le ma" means "Have you eaten yet" )

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