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Monday, April 15, 2013

April Showers - April 15, 2013

"The farmer hopes for rain, the walker hopes for sunshine, and the gods hesitate."
  - Chinese Proverb

Elder Gummow was able to listen to General Conference this weekend!  He had a challenging, but enlightening week!  Here are some quotes from his email this week:

"Sounds like the weather there was a lot like it was here, lately it's been pretty cloudy and rainy. We didn't see the sun for a week but today it's cleared up and sunny again.  Apart from the weather, the week has been more tiring than usual too.  We're starting with nothing here so most of our time has been spent trying to find new investigators which didn't goes as well as we would've liked this week.  We had a couple long days of just contacting this week and General Conference really came just in time for a nice break and a spiritual boost.

LDS General Conference
I've never been so happy to watch General Conference in my life, not because it was a break either but because of the opportunity to learn and grow in the Gospel, it was kind of a weird change. Before the mission I always used to think Conference was a little boring but now I could watch it all day.  Regarding conference I feel like over the course of watching it, my mind was picked up, tossed around, and the put back with a new higher perspective of the Gospel, like a spiritual high. It was super good, can't wait to study all of the talks when they come out in the Ensign 

Also this week I had another bike crash, a little more severe.  We were riding and I had an umbrella and it got stuck in the spokes...ya it was kind of dumb. But I ended up flipping over and landing on my arms and my face, knocked my breath out for a sec.  It kinda hurt. I sprained my hand pretty bad too so it was a little awkward to ride my bike for a bit.  Miraculously though was that it healed amazingly quick, and everything was healed back to normal in less than a week. 

This week ended beautiful though.  With enlightenment and truth learned from General Conference, plus we were able to meet with a really good investigator for the first time.  His name is Z......DiXiong, he's super prepared too.  We met him on the side of the road and didn't understand his background then but he agreed to meet with us. He wouldn't give us a number or address though so we weren't sure if he would actually show.  However during the end of General Conference he showed up at our door, said he came right after his class got out.  Turns out his friend is a member of our church and she has shared a lot of the Gospel with him and he likes it a lot! He says he thinks it can help his life, especially since his family life isn't very steady right now.  He's amazing kid too, super smart and draws really well.  The only problem is that he is super busy though, so it's hard finding other times to meet with him.  We're hoping he'll come to church next Sunday though.

Let's see to answer your questions Mom, Elder M... is from Maryland, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Utah.  He's been all over.  He's been in Taiwan more than a year and a half so he'll be going home the same time as Elder B.... my trainer.  They were in the same generation in the MTC actually.  He's super big into music and lacrosse too so we get a long pretty well in those regions.  Really bold contacter and teacher so he's been teaching me a lot lately too.

Chinese is going pretty well I feel like I've been blessed a lot in this area. The missionaries all say if you have Asian blood then it's easier to learn the language which I feel like is pretty true.  I'm hoping to be able to read most of the Book of Mormon by the end of this move call though which would be super sweet!

Didn't end up doing the rap last P-day, maybe today we'll see...Yes we do get to go to the temple too, I'm not sure when though, should be in a couple weeks though because they just recently had a temple trip.

I'm not sure about the girl that came to the Church randomly either.  There are sisters in our district, so we handed her off to them and I haven't heard about it recently.  Oh and also one of the sisters in are district right now is Sister B....., who is from Lone Peak, she knows Sara pretty well and we were in the same Chinese class in High school.

Keep up the studying too Mom! I think it's so cool you willing to put in all the effort to learn the language - it's not an easy language either.  I'll have to try and speak some to you when we Skype on Mother's day.  That would be really fun!

Bry good to hear from you glad the fish is still okay, I'm actually surprised it's still alive! You must be taking really good care of it.

Dad - I love the idea of planning out all the day's activities hour by hour, I've been so in love with planning since I became a missionary and I decided that I'm going to plan every hour of everyday when I get back so that I can be more productive.  It's sounds crazy but it feels really good to be productive and doing positive things every moment of every day.  I hope the family is feeling the positive effects of effective planning too.

That's about it for this week, looking forward to another, brighter week here in Fengyuan. Hope all is well this coming week in Highland.  Love You Guys and thank you so much everyone for the great updates, really.  Love you Family"

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