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Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4, 2013

Elder Gummow (Wen Zhang Lao - is his Chinese title) had a great week this week!  Another baptism and more people to teach!  The Church news announced the new mission president for his area that will be arriving this summer!  He and his wife are from California and he was a doctor previous to this calling - his current mission president was a cardiologist.  It sounds like he will still be in good hands!  He has really loved his current mission president and I think he will like the new one too!   Here is some of Matt's email:

Sounds like a lot went on this week!  What a surprise! I didn't think you guys would head back to St. George so soon!  Lone Peak Basketball won Nationals really?  Bryanna congrats on making SSA!  Sounds like you're growing up super fast, I hope you make the yearbook too - that would be super cool!  Dan tell me when you beat gramps at bowling, okay? but don't get too good.  I want to be able to beat you when I get back :)  

This week was so good!  H....DiXiong was baptized!!! It was a really good baptismal service too. He was so ready! He kept saying,  "I have been Christian for 40 years but never did I get baptized".  Unfortunately, he lives out of our boundaries apparently.  (Well he spends most of his time in his shop, which is where we visit him, but he sleeps in a different ward's boundaries.  So on Sunday we had to hand him off to that ward to get confirmed.)  We'll still get to see him this Tuesday and congratulate him though.  I have really high hopes for him now that he's in the other ward too. Apparently he already knew someone in that ward (a friend of ten years ago) and he was so happy when he found out that his friend was a member too.  He'll do a lot better over there with a good friend that can help him through the stages of new membership.  

Also this week I was able to see another amazing miracle!  Last Saturday we we're heading home and I contacted this guy.  He was really excited to talk with me and I invited him to Church and he's said he would come for church.  He seemed super interested and excited about coming to church so I was really happy about meeting him.  At the end of the day though I pulled out his contact card and realized there was a number missing on his phone number, so there was no way to further contact him...a big bummer.  Last night though, we were riding on our way to L...Jiating's house, when I hear someone call out from behind me "WenZhangLao"! I turned around quickly and saw this guy walking up to me...It was dark and I wasn't sure who it was though, so I asked him how he knew me...I soon realized it was the same guy I talked to the Saturday before and he was more than willing to give me his phone number again, and now he's coming to our English Party this Wednesday   Such a miracle!!  I prayed to be able to see him again and then Sunday I was able to, and there are like a 200,000 people coming and going in Zuoying - Zuoying (my area) is the most populated area in the Taichung Mission!

That's really all I have time for to write this week but it was a really good week this week and I am really glad to be in here in Zuoying. This might be might last week here. Next week I'll know for sure.  We have this really good family that we're trying to complete and get coming back to church though (we rode bikes with them to church last week - so much fun!) we'll see next week though.

Love You Guys, thanks so much for the letter this week (Mom) and Bryanna thanks for the picture, it always cheers me up getting letters from you guys!!

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