Elder Matthew Gummow

Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25,2013

An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward.
So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, 
it means that it's going to launch you into something great.
So just focus and keep aiming!
-John Edward

 Elder Gummow's little sister had a birthday last week and received the beautiful bow and arrows that she has been wanting since she has been into archery for the the last 8 or 10 months!  This quote reminded me of what Elder Gummow has experienced the past couple of weeks and that despite some of the setbacks, he is keeping his focus and it could launch him into great things!
This is the Chair Maze that they used last week
 to teach about the Holy Ghost

"This week was good-ish, we had a lot of good things happen, but had one really sad thing happen.  The most sad thing first - so I can get it off my chest...the L..... kids will not be getting baptized this weekend.  We talked to the Mom a couple nights ago and she said it was too quick, that she didn't feel they were ready.  We've been meeting with them since the beginning of December, they've been taught all the lessons and are ready but in the end it's all up to the Mom, especially since it's going to take her coming back to church for enduring conversion.  So we decided to let the Mom decide instead of pressuring her into to anything.  It was a very sad and disheartening for me, but last night they set a goal for the beginning of May that I really hope they'll hit even if I can't be there for it.  Man I love that family so much, I really really hope they'll make their goals.

Hmm...but on the upside of this week we had some really good new investigators pop up.  One of them is  W...DiXiong. Someone contacted him on the streets.  He's an interior designer so his house is super super nice and cool.  He's got tons of collectible models of transformers and Batman figurines - super cool.  He's really interested in the Gospel too and super honest and open with us right from the start.  He says his mom and sister are Catholics but he didn't want to be pressured into following them, He's looking for a "Xinlijituo", which means an emotional crutch, meaning he's looking for something to help his life become more positive and happy which he felt like this Gospel could provide because when he meet us on the streets he was really down about his day, but after meeting us he realized he felt a lot more happy and positive.  Super Cool Guy and good potential.

Also another great guy we met this week, B.......  Cool thing about him is that he went to the same school as C...DiXiong, which is a high school for all the smartest boys in Gaoxiong.  So naturally his English is amazing! His first contact with the Church was through English Class, and then we had him come eat with us on Saturday with C...DiXiong.  After that we invited him to Church - which was really the key.  At Church he listened attentively to all the lessons and was super interested in everything said. Since he's never really come in Contact with Christianity before, he was asking tons of questions after second hour, which from what I've experienced up til now is a really good sign of a good investigator.  All the good ones are the ones that ask questions.

Miracles everyday here in Zuoying! It might be my last week here though.  Maybe, but I kind of feel ready to leave now.  I was telling Elder B.... the other day that Zuoying is too happy of a place and that I don't really feeling like I'm growing as much as I could, so I'm pretty ready to go to a new area and experience new growing experiences.  We'll see what happens this Saturday though...."

This was a wonderful man that they baptized a couple of weeks ago!

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