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Monday, February 25, 2013

Power week! Feb 25, 2013

 A great email from Elder Gummow this week!  Power week paid off!

Thanks for the updates Mom and Dad!!  I finally was able to get some pictures downloaded, sorry I wish I had more, but I just realized how few pictures I have taken in the past months.  Actually- these are all the pictures I've taken in the past months.  Sorry, I am going to repent! 

Phew...Power Week is over...I kind of feel like that whole week was one exhausting day, mostly because it didn't feel like we had that normal study time to break up the days, so it just stretched into one long one.  This week was another good one though, first off we had an investigator, this H......... pass his baptismal interview!  He is this super super cool Old Guy!!  ahh man I wish you guys could see him, but he owns this antique shop with all these cool wood sculptures and Buddha statues and what not.  When we started meeting with him we showed him some pictures of Christ, and he thought they were so pretty. So he blew them up, framed them and posted them all over his shop.  He now has pictures of Gethsemane and various portraits of Christ all over.  He is soo funny.  Recently, he took a picture of himself in sunglasses and one of the Russian hats (with the earmuffs and fur and stuff) and then used Photoshop to put his face on various places.  One is of his portrait over President Obama in a big meeting, some with him in the background for some crazy action movies.

Hmm that was the biggest event for this week, we also had stake conference which was really good, and we did Dan Jones again with some Elders from the neighboring area.  That's everything special up to now, I'll keep you updated on how H........'s baptism goes, I can't wait to show you pictures this guy is so cool!  Hmm that's it for now...also pretty soon we're going to this Haagen-Daaz all you can eat place, with live shrimp and hopefully all you can eat ice cream. I'm so excited!  Taiwan is the best! 

Love you all and good luck this week!  If there is anything else that I'm missing or you would like to know about just ask!  Good Luck Dad on your test! Happy Birthday this week!  Hope all goes well!  Daniel so awesome to hear how much your getting into jazz band and Bry glad your making new friends as long as they aren't boyfriends :)  Mom thanks for being so amazing and supportive, I got your letter this week.  I can't believe how the mission field is changing so much and how many new missionaries are coming.  Things are going to change alot here soon.  Last Monday President Bishop announced that 60ish new missionaries will be coming to our mission by June-ish which will increase our mission from 150ish to 200ish, Crazy!,  also I saw a sister missionary last Monday that I knew from my Chinese class in high school...so weird.  Anyway - Love You Guys, thanks so much for the great updates, support, etc.

The Valentine's Day baptism of the person Elder Gummow and Elder B taught!

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