Elder Matthew Gummow

Monday, February 4, 2013

Feb 4, 2013

Elder Gummow had a busy and productive week this week!  It sounds like he is getting through well and has great examples to learn from. He just need some more time in the day so he can write more details and send a few pictures! ( but we are happy that he is happy and busy!) Here are some quotes from his letter:

"Sorry I have to write a little shorter than usual today.  This week was great though, best thing one of our investigators last Sunday in Church, bore his testimony twice!!  He said that he had gained a testimony of prayer because he owns this shop that sells antiques and he rarely has customers because of the economy and stuff, but he said that last week he said a prayer that someone would come and buy something at his store and the soon after it happened, this happened two or three times I think  (I couldn't tell exactly what he was saying), but he was so moved by this experience that he wanted to bear his testimony in Gospel Principles class and Priesthood.  His name is H... Dixiong and he is so so so so so coool, I wish you guys could meet him.

Hmm other stuff, new companion - he's awesome and we get along really well!  This last week took a little to adjust to the new situation (finding a bike, finding his lost luggage, getting lost on the way to a less-active's house, etc.)  But we got a lot done, and we are going to work really hard together we have some great plans ahead.  One of them, which I love, is playing basketball with our recent converts, which we started today.  This morning we got to play with  C....DiXiong and another new member that just moved in D....DiXiong.  So much fun, and we hope it will make the new members better friends with the ward members, etc.
Other than that it's been good! The switch went well and we have some really good things to look forward to these next couple weeks.  Mom, I got your letter and the valentines! Thanks - they're awesome!  Also, well I think that's it. Love you guys! Have a good week.

Elder Gummow"

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