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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A surprise baptism!! Feb 20, 2013

Elder Gummow had a mission conference on his usual Monday P-day, so we had to wait until last night to receive his email, but it was worth the wait.  He told us of some wonderful experiences!

Sorry that last week's email was so short.  Last week was our Power Cleaning P-Day so we were a lot shorter on time that day. Also I'm emailing on Wednesday today!!  This is because on Monday we had a General Authority come to the Taichung mission!!  So everyone in Gaoxiong took the train up to Taichung (2 and a half hours),  So the whole day was spent on the one meeting, and now today is our P-day!!  

Exciting for this week is "Power Week" meaning - we are out the door at 9:00 instead of ten-thirty and language study and lunch and dinner are now "on the go".  Pretty exciting!! - everyday we have a goal we try to accomplish like give out 15 Book of Mormons or drop in four baptismal dates.  It's a great way to energize the mission!

Chinese New Year... the last part went well, actually really well.  We had a lot of opportunities to eat with members, etc., and the greatest part of all....Ch.............. IS BAPTIZED!!! (On Valentines Day too :))  I'm sorry up to this point I haven't really mentioned C.................., but he is this awesome kid about 22.  Elder B.... and I were working with him but then he had to go back to Tainan for military stuff (he's in the navy).  He had a lot of cool experiences during his investigating which led him to set a baptismal date for Guonian (Chinese New Year) (we didn't know it was Guonian at the time).  Because it was Guonian last week, I didn't think it was going to go through because most of the ward members were out of town.  But Ch............ wanted to get baptized then, so just about last minute we were able to put together a baptismal service and find a member of the Bishopric to conducted.  It was a really good service too.  Very small because most ward members were out of town, but all of Ch...........'s friends in the church and S..Jiating (Jiating means family) (Sara knows them) came.  The missionaries in the Zuoying ward all sang "How Great Thou Art", and I got to play guitar.  It was amazing, and the spirit was incredibly strong when Ch............ got baptized, I don't think I've ever felt it that strong before...So sorry to I have pictures but I can't put them on the computer because I forgot my adapter.  Next week for sure.

Hmm...so things have been really good out here lately and Guonian turned out a lot better than I thought it would. I'll make sure to send a picture of my companion too.  Thank you for the Valentine's Card the CD was really good, love it...got the pictures, congrats to the girls in our ward going on missions!  So jealous of the concert btw :(  Thank you for the quotes from the CES fireside too! They are really really good and at a good time too.  Lately I've been thinking about what Elder Uctdorf was talking about.  Especially the role of the Holy Ghost.  One of the best parts of being on a mission is the opportunity to be led by the Holy Ghost and feeling it influence your life and the lives of others.

Do you remember M....?  He was the guy that came to English because he accidentally went to the wrong floor twice, and we gave him a B of M after English and he agreed to meeting with him...?  Well, lately we've been meeting with him really often about 2x a week.  IT's Crazy -  his wife read the Book of Mormon in 2 days (Unfortunately it was not for the right reasons)!!!  But this M.... he has been pretty good at reading everyday and he's not trying to discriminate against the Book of Mormon, just reading out of curiosity mostly I think.  Yesterday we met with him and he started right off with this question about Nephi 4 where Nephi has to kill Laban.  It made him confused, so we helped him answer it through reading a little more of the Book of Mormon.  After that he had some more question, which we helped refer to him answers through passages in the Book of Mormon.  After this discussion, he sat there for a second and then he was like... this feels weird, like I feel different and I don't know how to explain it.  Elder B...... and I looked at each other and we couldn't help but smile. (It's because it's the truth)  He told us how at first he was reading the Book of Mormon not because he was looking to find the truth of it but for other reasons, but now...now he's starting to feeling the seeds of testimony and it was so cool to be there to experience it with him, I wouldn't give a mission away for anything. Anyway it really shows the power of the word of God, and the Holy Spirit testifying of truth.  Reminding me again of  some really powerful scriptures Mosiah 4:9 and Alma 32:28.  Also a verse in Alma about the word of God is more powerful than the sword.  I don't really have time to write them out though.  Anyway Love You family!!! Happy Valentines Day and Happy Birthday Soon DaD!!!

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