Elder Matthew Gummow

Monday, January 28, 2013

Transfers - January 28, 2013


" xiàng zhuàn biàn shí, yǒu rén zhú qiáng, yǒu rén zào fēng chē"

"When the direction of the wind changes,
 some build walls,
 some make windmills"

Elder Gummow was expecting some changes this week and his guess was correct!  Here are some quotes from his email, telling us about the changes:

"Another great but slightly sad week.  This week was in fact Elder B's last, and I saw him off today (that's why this email is so late)  This last week was spent really well though.  On Tuesday I had exchanges with a the Elder's in the district, and an Elder M from Florida came to Zuoyin with me.  We had a awesome time together, worked really hard and it was super fun.  Elder M contacts everyone...Then Elder Baker and I spent our last day (yesterday) together really well.  The highlights were eating with two families, one is a member the other is less-active. The less active gave us cheesecake too, and it's soo good.  I actually like the Cheesecake here too.  Also we got to play guitar and sing with this amazing less-active, part member family of a single mom and three boys.  We love them so much, they are the greatest family ever!!!!!

We saw some miracles here too.  Elder M while on exchanges with me and contacted this guy that said that he had heard about the Church yesterday from his friend.  He was so ecstatic to get contacted by the same church missionaries the next day, he then called up the friend and told him about what had happened and the set up a time to meet the missionaries in the area he lived in!

Also it was really sad this week seeing Elder B off, but at the same time a great opportunity to look back on the memories we had together.  Elder B left this area in great shape and there is a lot to be excited for in these next coming weeks.  And now my new companion is....Elder B!  He's actually half Japanese and his parents live in Taipei   His Chinese is amazing though, he sounds and looks fluent,and he's on the end of his mission.  That's about all I know about him so far though we just barely met each other.  So this next week will be fun. I'm leading the area now and I hope I know how to get around Zuoyin, we'll see. "

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