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Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7, 2013

Family Happy New Year!!!

Thanks for the letters this week, sounds like it was a pretty good new year.  I totally got the first one on the quiz wrong, that was super surprising to me, Tyler Haws is back and better than ever, is he really rivaling Jimmer in scoring?  I can't believe how much has changed in the months I've been gone, 1/4 of the ward is new?  Wow!

Last week I wasn't able to get a guitar, but today for sure.  Last week for P-Day we actually went to a huge mall, it was kinda of boring though, not much you can do as missionary in a mall, (actually I don't know if there's ever a lot of stuff I would do at a mall...).  But today is going to be awesome, buy a guitar and then we are having a pizza party with the Zuoying elders...oh ya

This week was great!  I have to be short about it though, we're leaving pretty soon.  The two highlights is that we picked up this great new investigator, C....... he's actually coming to the party today.  We met him last Sunday  and have met with him like 3 more times since then, he's super sweet and super "Shuai".  His coming with us to the pizza party today.  Also we met with this L..family, and they are amazing.  Since I've been here the L.. family is the most familiar family I've met with, meaning they remind the most like family back home.  The family consists of the mom and three boys.  The boys are super cool, play airsoft, basketball, and grow these huge beetles in their house.  They're half less-active and half non members.  The family has been through a lot, including the death of the Dad/Husband, and we're really hoping the Gospel can help them have peace.  They are soo cool.

View of the city 
Also New Years was good here, woke up in the middle of the night to thousands literally thousands of fireworks.  It was crazy, sound like a war outside but even more intense! Doesn't even compare to the fireworks in america, sadly.

Hmm also tried to cook the brownies, that didn't go well (burnt them)  Other than that, this week was pretty much normal, at least as normal as a mission can go.  Love You Guys Good Luck with the new semester

Love Elder Gummow

P.S.  Also Dad I'm super interested now, what kind of stuff did you do on your mission.  Lots of street contacting, or tracting, or lots of lessons?  And if you have any ideas on how to be a more effective missionary, that would be awesome!  Love You

Note From Mom:  His Chinese must be getting better and better because his English sentence structure is beginning to resemble Mandarin sentence structure

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