Elder Matthew Gummow

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 21, 2013

Elder Gummow had a great week and is gearing up for transfers next week.  He has a new projected release date because of the change in the MTC training time for new missionaries.  It was September 9th but is now possibly August 23rd - in time for school in 2014.  He is also getting ready to try his wings after 12 weeks of training.  Here are some quotes:

 " This morning we got to eat breakfast with an investigator and also with none other than Elder B's trainer or my Grandpa as they call it in the field.  He's from Alpine actually, I think is last name is Mclelland (actually, I think it is McAllister).  His sister is Mckenzie Kapp's best friend, a Brenna Mclelland i think.  Pretty weird being half way across the world but being so connected to home to, but it kind of doesn't surprise me anymore there are so many missionaries from Utah Valley area!"

"Hmm...also an interesting thing this week, Elder B left me to stay in ZuoYin for a day:(  We had zone exchanges and I stayed in our area and led it for the day, I was super scared for it at first but the day ended up going really smoothly, really easy day actually.  Tomorrow, though, I'm going to do missionary work in our area with a missionary named Elder M.  He's been here two move calls more than me, so both of our Chinese needs work...so we'll see how it goes :)"

"Last week of the move call, super intense for us because it's pretty much certain one of us will leave this area.  It's going to be sad to have to part ways with my "father" (Elder B).  But at the same time I'm getting excited for a change in missionary work perspective.  And ya, his sister did get married last week! I think it was a little hard for him, but he's been doing a great job staying focused. "

"Anyway that's about it for this week, Zuoyin is awesome, everything is going good in Taiwan.  Love You Guys, so happy you got to go to St. George this week.  Good luck with everything this week."

I sent him a small package with some homemade Valentines, Chocolate Bars, and a package of Taco Seasoning. He should get the package in a couple of weeks, depending on transfers.  These were his comments:

*Also thank you for the package in advance, I totally was wanting taco seasoning this week, so it was perfect.

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