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Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012

Hey Family!!!

Christmas here is weird, definitely different.  So far I've seen two Christmas trees, one from our church and one from another Christian Church here.  We also decorated our apartment today with a single stocking that Elder Baker has.  It was pretty sweet...the weather is really off and on here but it's been kinda of rainy recently, and I think the lowest it's gotten is around 60 degrees.  Definitely the weirdest Christmas I've had.

Guo tie (Taiwanese version of Gyoza/potstickers)
Wintermelon Tea
 (herbal tea that tastes like Graham Crackers)
The food here is great! My favorite things to eat are the dumplings and guo ties which I think are the same thing as gyoza.  They taste exactly the same at least.  SOO Good! We have that at least two or three times a week.  Also we were super lucky this  because week we got to eat with members.  One was with this lady and her son from brazil I think.  She cooked burrito's for us. Soo good!  It reminded me a lot of home cooking, and I ate five or six Burrito's.  I think that was the first time in a while I've been really full.  Also last night we had this activity with the Ward to help welcome investigators.  It was like a potluck except they call it a "jucan" here. Super good food and the sister missionaries in our ward made Chocolate Cookies, super good, I hadn't had those forever!  Also speaking of chocolate, they have this really inexpensive chocolate here that I eat pretty much every day.  I think it's like thirty cents american, and it's super good.  Oh and last is that DongGuaCha or wintermelon tea that Jensen's cousin brought over and shared with us.  I drink that stuff like everyday here! It's like liquefied gold! SOoo Good!  The best is dongguaxiannai which is the wintermelon tea  with cream in it, probably like 1000 calories but it is the best drink I have ever had. Ever

About the pictures...I was just curious to see how the decorations and everything are this year.  I thought that maybe you would've put them up after thanksgiving.  Just when you get time you should send some.  I don't really see much Christmas Stuff here in Taiwan.

Thanks for the mail too!  I just got your letter from the beginning of November today.  The mail is super slow but thanks. It was great.  Hey if you could, could send me or email me, josh and kaz's updates. I'd love to hear how they are doing.  Also I haven't seen Sara's Email for awhile.  When does she leave?!  It's like this next week right?

Well this week was great, all went super smooth and well.  We had some great, great lessons.  Best of all was this family that the sisters and us have been teaching.   The Sisters teach the wife and we teach the husband.  This last week or so the husband got into a fight at work and lost his job :( It really humbled him though and on Thursday we talked to him about baptism with his wife and he told us he needs to be baptized.  And he's willing to work hard now to be able to.  His name is F..D.X.... He was the first person I met when I came to Gaoxiong, I really really hope he and his family are able to get baptized.

Also our Recent Converts are doing really well.  We met with C..D.X.... this week and he's doing super well.  Almost finished 2 Nephi, still coming to all of church, and just got interviewed for the priesthood.  They work fast here!

Also L..D..X....., just got back from China!  He's the one that got baptized the first day I was in the field.  He's so so strong though, his wife is still protesting him being involved in the church.  But he is still really strong in studying  the principles of the Gospel.  And he went to Church while he was in China!  He is amazing and an amazing example to me.

All else went smoothly.  I had great interviews with President Bishop.  Got to pass of lesson three of my Phase 1 language lessons! Almost Done!  I'm hoping to finish by the end of the move call which is the middle of December-ish.

But hope you have a good week this week.  Enjoy Christmastime! I should be sending my package today or next Monday not sure yet and can't wait to get yours.  Also I'm finally getting the Dictionary today too, it's like our first casual Monday since I've been here, so we should definitely have time to go shopping a little today.

Love You Guys,

Elder Gummow

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