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Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17,2012


Thank you so much for the music, pics, and the updates!  So good to hear from you guys, so jealous of you guys going to see Mormon Tabernacle Choir!  I can't believe the news in America either...Also If you see Chase you totally got to tell him to write me back!  And Shalisa going to North Carolina! Crazy!! So good too, mission's are crazy good, best decision I have ever made.

This week was really good, a little more relaxed than the other weeks mostly because it's the Christmas season.  Got to do a zone service project at nursing home, caroling.  Also I went on transfers with my zone leader and all our lessons got canceled for the whole 24 hour period, but we ended up having a really good time.  I learned a lot about the power of prayer from that transfer.  We would stop a couple times throughout the day and just say a prayer for God to help us find some people that we could meet with, or help us hit our adding goal.  And by the end of the day all of the things we asked for were given to us! It was amazing, we were helped to sit down with a great part member family and we found some great people on the streets that were willing to meet.  Just another mission miracle!

So this is random but my favorite part of the mission so far is the planning.  I have never loved planning so much in my life.  I plan for everything - contacting plans, teaching plans, morning plans, personal study plans, daily study plans, eating plans (well kind of).  I'm totally going to walk around with a mission planning book the rest of my life...It's really satisfying as well being in this environment where everyday you have so many areas to grow and improve and God has given you all the tools in order to do so - all it takes is the work and depending on Him and Christ's Atonement.

Christmas is coming! Next week is our Christmas party!!  It's going to be sweet, we get to go to an all you can eat steakhouse, see the guys from the MTC, and visit a tourist spot in Taiwan.  We're all super pumped!!  Also Elder Baker and I are super excited to get our packages, can't wait for the CD's!! And thank you so much for the music, we have been so deprived of Christmas Music up til now.

So for Christmas in Taiwan, most people don't do anything special :(  It's mostly Chinese New Year here that people look forward too.  Although you can see quite a bit of Christmas decorations around, some of the hotels will decorate their gardens, and the Christian families and Churches are all decorated!!  Also this weekend is our ward's Christmas party and Elder B and I get to sing in it!!

For the Christmas Call...it's only 40 minutes long so I would make sure that you have things in mind to ask. That'll make it most effective (I think I'll make a call family plan too..)  Also Elder B and I will probably call our Christmas morning so your Christmas Eve, and it's through skype, so I need your guys skype info and another account that I can call through.  Also I'm sending off the package today so it probably won't get home until after Christmas..sorry.

I think that's about it for this week. Last week of school in America - hope it's a good one! and i'll talk to you guys soon. Merry Christmas!! Love You!!

Elder Gummow

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