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Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10, 2012

Dear Family!!!  (You will notice that Elder Gummow is addressing many of the questions we asked him about in our email to him)

We haven't had smoothies yet in Taiwan  I think there here but it's actually been pretty cold lately.  Mostly just the wind and the cloudiness makes it cold here, but today the weather is great and we're going to play Ultimate Frisbee on the beach today!!! Super excited, but it also means I can't write too much today our time is limited.

Sara, Good Luck in Taiwan!!!!!!!!! I can't believe her time is already passed and it's to Taiwan tomorrow, super excited to hear how it goes for her.  Also super jealous she gets lot of time to call you at the airport :(  Oh and speaking of calling, for Christmas we get forty minutes, probably through Skype  and it'll probably be during our Christmas morning, so your Christmas eve night,  that's all I really know right now, but does that all work?  I hope you guys are home then...

This week was good, had a lot of companionship exchanges.  Also one of the AP's switched with us this week.  Super good missionary and super great at teaching. He actually lives in Taipei and he's going back there in a month or two.  Learned a lot this week from the exchanges.

Also, if you haven't sent any Christmas Music yet through mail it would awesome if you could email me a couple songs.  I can play them through my new translator!  We went to the translation of the Christmas Devotional last night with an investigator and got to hear the tabernacle choir sing Christmas Songs, it was sooo good, extra special in Taiwan and on a mission, but now I'm kinda of craving Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas stuff, so if you have any of that that you could send me that would be awesome!!

Ya, I've been teaching some English. Every Wednesday night we have an English Class and I teach the middle class (middle advanced).  It's super fun and everyone there is super awesome, -plus I get to speak English pretty much the whole time.  We have one new investigator through English Class so far his name is Andy, super cool, a little quiet, but a great thinker and willing to do what we ask him too.

To contact and find new people it's usually on the streets.  Actually yesterday was picture day for the mission so I'll send some pictures of the contacting.  Should've taken more pictures though...sorry :)    Next transfer I will be with Elder B so six more weeks...but after that he'll be gone and I'll stay in zuoyin.  Also I've had some cool experiences lately, but because of time I can't really write them. I'll try and add to next letter or to the letter I'm sending home for Christmas, sorry.  Homesick, it comes and goes, especially when you see or eat or hear something that reminds you of home. I've found the best remedy for that is just focusing on the work and working hard though, that's really what makes the work most fulfilling.

AS for the prayers, thank you for the offer...we do have a investigator that we want to get baptized this month his name is F and he's working on quitting smoking right now.  Also this last week my companion contacted the GREATEST FAMILY EVER!!! while we were on exchanges.  We've taught them once and they came to church but they're still on the line so if you could pray for them too S family.   Anyways, really got to go.  Love You Family!  Can you send this to Sara too so far I only send my emails to you guys - and Sara - hope you get my letter in time before you leave. Sorry I didn't send it sooner!

 And I got all of your letters this week! Thank You So Much, Good luck...oh and mom- thank you for the Christmas Stuff it was PERFECT!  I was actually just thinking about how much of a bummer it was that we didn't have any Christmas Decorations, so it was inspired perfect! You're the best!


Elder Gummow

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