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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Dec 24, 2012

Taichung, Taiwan Christmas Mission Picture 2012

Phone Call - Totally works!!  Seven thirty your time ten thirty ours!  SOooo Excited,  I think Christmas just hit me, I haven't thought about it much but CHRISTMAS IS TOMORROW!!!  I am actually pretty excited to open my gifts, thank you so so much for the package and the many letters you have sent.  I loved all the ornaments and the letters!!!

  It's been so great to catch up and hear how all the other missionaries are doing.  The Christmas Activity was super fun.  A nice relaxed trip, although sadly most of it was riding a bus all the way up to Taichung and then back to g\Gaoxiong.  But I got plenty of time to catch up with everyone, soo good to hear from old district companion and the old district.  They are all doing fantastic...we got to catch up on the people and share stories and survival methods, it was great.  We also had a great devotional and ate at this all you can eat Steakhouse, went to a koi pond and this Buddhist temple, really relaxing.  I'll try and send pictures this time but I might not be able to.

Today was like our second Christmas Party...we went to the top of Gaoxiong 85 and ate this place called shabushabu, which is basically a super nice all you can eat place for like 6 or 7 dollars....soososososososo gooood....it had sushi, slushies, hot pots, cakes, ice cream, fries, waffles, fruits, chocolate fountain, etc. like all my favorite foods, sosososo good.

Wow all this makes a mission sound like a party, (it kind of is),  I'm loving the Christmas Season, Merry Christmas!!!  love you guys and miss you guys sososososo much!  Talk to you tomorrow!

Elder Gummow

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