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Monday, November 12, 2012

Don't give up until the goal is reached.

Hey Family!!!

So Awesome to hear from you guys this week!!  I can't believe it Obama won again :(  Tons of people here in Taiwan were talking about it.  Our investigators were even asking questions about Romney being Mormon.  Like, if he wasn't a Mormon would he have been able to win the election or something?...it is awesome how his example even effects things over here in Taiwan, half way around the world!

Can't believe the other news too!! Mckenna's going to New York? That's insane!! Do you know if it is the south or the north mission, or west or east?  Two of the greatest people from the Mandarin Branch in the MTC are going or went New York South mission (Elder C.. and Elder H..  ) They're both outstanding missionaries. I guess they only send the best to New York!

Daniel's fifteen?! Crazy!!! I can't imagine him starting to learn to drive...actually - now that I think about it, I can.  ( I thought he was turning sixteen this birthday for some reason :)

Sara!!!! Hope you read this part, and I hope things are still going well in the MTC.  I'll be honest, those last weeks in the MTC, you learn a lot...but they are soooo Boring!! Doing like the same thing everyday :)  It's been really, really nice to get out, to be able to bike around a city, see so many things.  And about the mission call stuff, that's insane!! My companion got the same letter from his mom.  I don't want to get to excited though cause rumors like that always fly around the Mandarin missionary speakers.  BUT THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!

Thank you mom for keeping mailing the updates too, I have been really interested to know how my district has been doing these first weeks in the field.  The first weeks or so in the mission field are really quite the experience!

So for this week...oh man the field is crazy...I think I'm starting to feel the whole "work" part of missionary work.  For the first couple of days, I couldn't remember when I lay down on the bed or how I fell asleep, I was so exhausted.  All the missionaries say the first month is the hardest and I can understand why.  The language is crazy! Everyday it's getting better and better, but the Chinese talk so differently than Americans and my conversational vocab is pretty small.  It can be super scary and intimidating too, when you have to contact someone or call them on the phone and you don't understand what they are saying...I have to really rely on the fact that the Lord is helping me and will compensate for what I can't do.  Also, I know the language will get better soon and I just have to keep working on it.

But good luck this week, love you guys, tell you more about the field next week and hopefully send some pics.

Elder Gummow

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