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Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26, 2012

Even monkeys fall from trees 
-Japanese Proverb

Hello Family!!!

Wow thanksgiving was this last week!  So crazy to think normally I would've been eating turkey or something with family!  This week I think for Thanksgiving dinner we had this onion pancakes with eggs cooked on them, pretty good stuff actually, but pretty much just a normal work day...But anyway this week was really good, I'm kinda of super exhausted right now though.  Today is really hot and humid so my companion and I are sweating like crazy.  We also just got back from Monkey Mountain!!! That was super cool but a long hike.  Also I just got in a crash on my bike :)  so all the adrenaline and stuff from that kind of wore me out a bit.

But last Saturday was C..D.X....'s baptismal service!!!  Thanks for the prayers, they really worked.  The one moment we were scared for for C... D.X....'s baptismal service never happened, and I believe is all thanks to the prayers and God's help (Shen de anpai) as we say in Taiwan.  It was a great service though, great talks, lots of people showed up.  I think C..D.X... was a little nervous for the service but all went great, and he's been welcomed really well into the ward.  It helps too because he's been coming every Sunday for awhile so a lot of the members know him.  Super Cool kid, Love Him!!

So for this week we just got back from monkey mountain - this mountain that has monkeys all over the place and the monkeys aren't scared of you so you can just walk through them.  Sometimes they'll come up to your backpack when your sitting down and open the zippers and start searching around your backpack!  Almost got a picture of it, but took it just barely too late :( -but its super awesome, super crazy.  Monkey's are really weird.

This week I also got to go on exchanges with an Elder A from Alpine Utah actually.  We went to Lone Peak together, and he gave a talk at graduation I think.  Super solid missionary though and a Zone Leader for the Gaoxiong area.  I can't believe how much there is for me to learn, but going on exchanges with Elder A taught me a ton, he is an incredible missionary.  Super weird though to have all those connections back from high school...that seem so long ago.  Actually Elder Allen is like best friend with Scott B and he says he kind of knows Riley S.  Awesome!

Thank You!!  I'm going to try and get a really cheap electronic dictionary so it shouldn't be too bad, but it's going to be really really useful out here.  Most missionaries have them and they help with everything. So glad to hear about Megan, so crazy to think that all those people will be going soon on their missions! Also thanks in advance for the package, super excited for it! And what do you guys want for Christmas  I already got a couple small things but is there any authentic Taiwanese things you want me to send home, like some chopsticks or statues or anything.  The stuff here in Taiwan is pretty cheap.  Bry and Dan do you have anything in particular you want?

But today's pretty packed because of Monkey mountain I got to go buy some groceries (we're going to Costco next week!)  but hope you have a good week, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!  Send me pics of the Christmas Decorations?  Also I'm not quite sure yet when I'll be calling.  I'm guessing our Christmas morning though. Love You Guys!!

Elder Gummow

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