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Monday, November 19, 2012

November 19, 2012

Do not fear going forward slowly;
 fear only to stand still.

-Chinese Proverb

Hello Again Family!!!!

Phewh, the weeks are just going faster and faster!  I feel like I just barely was writing an email.  Ya, I have more energy now!! I mean I'm still tired a lot, but I think I just got used to it and it's not like I'm falling asleep on my bike anymore.

Things in the field...well the language is coming, slowly but I'm starting to see some good improvement.  I passed of part one of the five parts of the first part of our language study program.  It was the hardest part too. So this week I started studying part three.  I should have phase one all done within the next three weeks or so, and then I can get a guitar!! The president says I can as soon as I pass off phase one of the language program, so it's been kind of a big motivation to learn the language faster -  plus the fact that I can't really talk to many people here without knowing Chinese.

Our investigators are awesome though!! This Saturday, C.. D. X.... is getting baptized!!!  He was fast! We started teaching him the lessons when I was here, and just last Saturday night we taught him the last of the lessons and then literally right after, he had and passed the interview.  We were going to push the time back for baptism cause he had some problems with smoking and drinking coffee, but this kid is awesome and willing.  He stopped smoking about a week and half ago and on his own, switched coffee for hot chocolate.  Really, this kid is amazing.  He's super cool too- likes all these american bands and is a genius, a biochemist. He's still got a ways to go, so we're going to be praying for him a lot this week.

So far I've learned how to do the little stuff here with the language pretty well, like contact and setting up appointments.  So the hardest part now is that I really can't have conversations with the people here unless they know some English.  Which is kind of a big part (I'm really looking forward to the day when I can converse)!  But for now we have some great investigators that know pretty good English (like C...), so it's not too bad.  Mostly I feel like I've been really blessed here in the field.

Oh so my trainer, his name is Elder B... from Idaho Falls Idaho.  I can't remember if we have family there or not...but he's awesome!  Really helpful and nice, his teaching skills are amazing, and his Chinese is incredible.  I always tell him he sounds like a native cause he really blends in with the people here when he talks.  All the Chinese are amazed when he says he's only been here a year.  Also, he just recovered frombeing in the Hospital, he was there for a couple weeks- had tubes and stuff in his nose.  He's all good now though and glad to be in the field again.  His mom is on that missionary list to so if you want to contact her...

Running out of time though...glad to hear from you guys.  Hope Thanksgiving goes well!  Tell the family "hi" for me. Tell Tyler he really should go on a mission!

Love you guys,
Elder Gummow

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