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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October 9,2012

Hey Family!!!

The Big Announcement
Ya Mom, I got your Dear Elder! they sent the dearelder's yesterday but not the regular mail because of Columbus Day.  But I know I can't believe it...Saturday we all got to write home so you guys should be getting a letter about the announcement soon.  But the reaction at the MTC was pretty crazy, the whole MTC was in a huge room together, and after they announced it everyone was cheering and clapping, and we we couldn't believe what the Prophet just said!!! It so crazy to imagine kids right out of high school coming to the MTC and working in the field.  I'm kinda of glad that they announced this after I was in the MTC, because I don't think I would've been ready to go at eighteen years old. But they're are plenty who are...like my companion. He's only eighteen years old & I can see why they changed the rules -cause of guys like him too The eighteen year old missionaries really are top class!

But speaking of my companion, I'm guessing your gonna meet his family today!! How awesome!!! I'll probably get the chance to meet them too, pretty exciting, but mostly I'm excited for my companion cause he hasn't seen his dad since his senior year in high school!! Crazy! Unfortunately I don't get to go off campus with them...my companion is probably gonna get real food too!! So jealous!!

Chad Lewis -
NFL Football Player
Oh this weekend after conference, Chad Lewis came and talked to us for the Sunday Night Devotional!!! The best thing was that Chad went to this same mission that I'm going to, and he told us a lot of stories and stuff about his mission.  It's sound amazing there!!  He was really positive to us about his mission too, saying that their will be some real hard times but if we dig deep and rely on the Atonement then we can endure them well.  Also some of the Mandarin Missionaries got to meet with him after too. I was pretty jealous but mostly just satisfied to hear someone talk about our mission...Oh and also I talked to Travis that Sunday night and he was saying that he heard  ELDER BEDNAR was coming to the MTC for this Tuesday night devotional.  I'm still kinda of skeptic, cause his source was kind of iffy, but it would make sense that one of the Apostles would come to the MTC after the big announcement...if he does though, that would make this MTC experience, epic!!! Perfect!!! We'll see tonight though...

Well the weeks are winding down here at the MTC (3 more left today!!!!) It's kinda of intimidating but mostly we just can't wait to get out of the MTC.  Personally I can't wait for the freedom of not living in a small area and the ability to exercise and eat real food.  We've been watching some Mormon messages from Taiwan in Class and the food there looks so good!! I can't wait!!

Pres. Holland's Talk
The rest of conference was amazing!!! President Holland's talk of course was spectacular, I'm gonna try and listen to it as many times as I can while I'm here.  It was so powerful.  Sara and I got to sit next to each other during the sessions.  We had some nice relaxing time here at the MTC, so that was nice  We even got to go back to our dorms early on Saturday night!! Probably the only time I'll get to do that on my mission.  Things are going good here though...the language is... coming...,but I hope everything is going good back home.
 Best of luck with everything, and have fun meeting the Wesemanns!!

Zai Jian, Ai
Elder Gummow

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