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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 2, 2012

Hey Mom and Family,

What a fast and eventful week!  Looking back I have to say it was all quite a blast.

The Elders from Matt's District who met Sara at the curb
to escort her in.
So of course Sara came in this last Wednesday!  Blew my mind seeing here again!  It was like a warp back in time. Its kinda of funny because ever since I have been here and been busy all the time, I haven't really thought about my life before the mission and I kind of forgot that I had one!  So seeing Sara was like a flash from the past!  It's so crazy to have her in this environment with me - like a mix of the old and the new. It's really cool.  Sara's doing great though.  She's adjusted super fast to the MTC, and she already seems super comfortable with the rigid schedule.  I've been so surprised at how much Chinese she's knows already, I'm sure she'll catch on with the language here super fast, if she's hasn't already. I get to see and talk with her about once a day now so that's been really nice...I see her more now than I did at home, kinda weird.

Matt's sister about to enter the magical world of the MTC!
All the new missionaries are really cool though.  All super positive and friendly and funny and some of them already know Chinese better than the older generation.  It's kind of intimidating being their older generation because really they should be our teachers and examples.  The new districts are really small too - like three or four kids in each group compared to the twelve in our district.  It's nice for them because they get a lot more one on one time with their teachers and better teaching opportunities too.  Oh and mom, my district has only boys by the way.  Our group only had three girls come in so only one of the districts from our generation have girls in their group.  Crazy weird, kinda bad too because we don't get any girls to moderate the things that guys can do when they get in groups together :)

Taking a break to enjoy the sunshine at the temple grounds.
So I saw Travis again this week and we took a picture together, it's on his camera though so I don't have it.  But I think his mom is going to try and send it to you.  I'll try and get another one before I leave too.  Oh and Sara and I still have to get a picture together too. We haven't really had time to do that yet, sorry.  I saw Craig Tongish too, haven't really talked with him yet but we said hi.  Thanks for the package!  It was great, (I've already eaten all the food in it :)  Oh and they took away the salsa because it was unsealed or something :(  But we got all the temple names done this morning - and also if you could- the pictures you sent are great...but if it's possible can you find a way to print it so it isn't so pixelated, my friends want to see a clear picture of the family.  But if that's not possible then it's totally fine.  Uhh...going to send the pants in this next week. If Sara hasn't asked you yet, you should send us some of the Chopsticks. Like around four pairs if possible -  me and my companion want to practice for Taichung!  If you see Grandpa and Grandma Gummow, tell them thanks so so so much for the package it was awesome! I'll probably send them a letter too.  Thanks for the notes on Sara's setting apart. I wish I could've of been there. If Elder Holland's talk is short enough then you should totally send it, otherwise I can read it online during lunch or something.  Thanks for the letters! Love You Family! write you next week. Good Luck with everything!

Elder Gummow

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