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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hey Guys!!

Only Two more weeks left in paradise!!!  MTC=Paradise, at least that's what we call the MTC here:)  We're all super pumped this Thursday we all get our travel plans!! Hoping we get Korean Air- it's supposed to be the best airlines in the world!  But we get to call at the airport too so be prepared for that!  I've already got my phone card!

This week was...exciting!! First, Tuesday night, for our nightly devotional we had none other than Elder Bednar come speak to us at the MTC!!!! It was magnificent!!  It's everyone's dream here to get to see either Elder Bednar or Holland come speak at the MTC! They always give amazing talks and are probably the most missionary-minded Apostles.  Plus, they often do the pounding the pulpit stuff which every missionary here loves.  Elder Bednar reviewed conference with us that Tuesday night, and taught this awesome pattern of how we can study the scriptures, and the words of the prophets.  He says it's the way that he studies the scriptures.  But simply the formula is - look for the doctrine, then what invitations are being extended and then promised blessings.  Study, and even teaching in this way, so far, has proved to be really effective and makes all the gospel really simple, like it should be.

Unfortunately though, after Elder Bednar's talk another round of sickness set in upon the MTC.  I got sick Wednesday night and am still sick today, although almost recovered, and Sara's companion has been sick for about a week now too, with about the same thing I have I think.  So this week was somewhat not fun. Luckily I was able to get to pretty much all of classes and haven't really missed anything but gym, but I'm really looking forward to being fully recovered.

The Mandarin is going well, I am so surprised at how it comes.  This week I could really understanding, pretty much everything and in lessons I could say what I wanted to say, however this only goes for the Gospel part, daily life stuff I still struggle to talk about, but at least I can fulfill my purpose now.

But gtg, thanks again for everything and the wonderful support.  Good Luck this week, love you guys.

Elder Gummow  

Chinese Proverb:

One cannot refuse to eat just because
there is a chance of being choked.

Meaning: Don't let fear of failure keep you from success.
D&C 68:25-30

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