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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 4, 2012

Hello Family,
Hey the Mandarin has been going great this week, just the past couple of days I have been able to start putting things together, and now I have a decently easy time communicating.  The best part is that my vocabulary is enough that I can now mostly understand what my teachers are saying!!!  It feels so awesome to think back like three weeks ago and think that I knew basically nothing and now I can somewhat communicate.  It's all thanks to the Lord and I feel incredibly blessed.
Haha that's so awesome that you joined that  Missionary Mom site. I was gonna tell you about it because all the kids here talk about it and I figured you'd enjoy something like that, but I guess you found it on your own, sweet.  Also, I meant to send a package earlier this week but I just sent it off this Friday, so it should be coming soon. It's got my SD card in it so there should be a bunch of pictures.  
Let's see, this weekend was pretty much normal stuff.  Oh we started TRC, which means were teaching real people...it was intense!!! I felt so underprepared, we asked them if they knew anyone they could help bring into the Gospel and they told us these great stories about people they wanted to help.  Me and my companion really wanted to help but we didn't have the vocabulary to say what we wanted to, it was so frustrating.  Oh, also this weekend we got to watch President Monson's birthday celebration on Sunday.  That was a nice and needed break, being able to listen to all the songs and just relax and feel the spirit of the music.
Oh, and they General Authority that spoke on Tuesday...I have to be honest - that was kind of a disappointment.  Everyone was expecting some sort of announcement, but he just wanted to visit us so that we could talk to us about the culture and our missions.  Everyone was thrown off and a little grumpy at this, it was kind of bad.  However he did share a great message to us about teaching the Chinese people, and he told us that China has been "open" since 1991, it's just that our minds that aren't open to China.  He explained this by saying that all around the world, mainlander Chinese are getting baptized and bringing the Gospel back to their homes, so regardless of the laws of their land, the Gospel is still getting to the people.

 These are pictures from one of the other missionaries in his district
(This is the benefit of joining the Missionary Moms Website!  Hurrah!! and Thanks!!)

I have to go now.  Good Luck this next week all of you, and you should send me Dear Elder if you can.  It's easier to read and respond to later.  Zai Jian
Gu Zhanglao
*Note from Mom:  I really enjoyed watching the segments from a special that KSL News did on the MTC last year.  If you are interested what happens in the MTC from the inside, check out this link:   An Army of Faith: Inside the MTC


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