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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 25, 2012


*Sara found this link this past week of a song that the kids recorded at 3am one morning almost 2 years ago.  It is a cool song about wanting to become more like Christ!  I am pretty sure they are on that journey now!

Some fun at the MTC!

Matt and Elder James - a friend from Jr High/H.S.

Hey Family!!!!
This was an awesome week and we're finally past the halfway point at the MTC!!!  It's so crazy, we got to see the older generation leave last Tuesday. Forty or so people left which was more than half our zone, so our group has been pretty lonely this last week.  Needless to say we can't wait for the new generation to come in!!!! People ask me like three or four times a day about Sara coming in, everyones so pumped to be the "older" generation.  We have been setting goals all week and making plans so that we can be a good example to the new elders and sisters.  
Let's see, also this week was our first week to give talk's in Chinese in sacrament and who would've guessed - my companion Elder W was chosen to be the first speaker!!!  He did great though!  His Chinese is really impressive, one of the best in our zone.  Haha - although he mixed up sixiang which means thoughts and siwang which means to die.  So in part of his talk he told us to grab death and write it down in our journals.  Everyone was really confused :)
This past Sunday we did get the opportunity to participate in the Temple Dedication.  That was really cool and it was great to hear from the apostles and the other wonderful speakers.  We all loved Boyd K. Packer's talk, he's such an awesome guy, and you can tell he loves the Lord and his wife with all his heart.

(Advice he shared with Sara who enters the MTC)

Hey and don't worry, if your still nervous about coming to the MTC and being a good missionary, honestly the change of life isn't near as scary as it seems, and I know you'll handle it much better than me.  It's amazing how much the Lord helps you adjust and deal with all that missionaries experience.  If your anything like me, the new step is probably really scary, but once your there the Lord helps with everything, it's really amazing!
But I'm like twenty minutes over my email time so I have to go but Good Luck with the drop off, I'm hoping someone from the district will pick you up.  I would love to be there but it's not allowed.  Miss you guys and see you soon!!
Wo ai ni
Elder Gummow   
P.S. your companion's name is Sister Bond - from somewhere in Utah

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