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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September 18th - Week 5

Matt's Awesome District!

Check out his new haircut!

Zao'an Family,
So nice to hear from you guys this week!!  I can't believe the news from the BYU vs. Utah game! That soo insane and disappointing!!  Thanks for the package too - it was perfect, saved my life this week! I really needed some healthy stuff/normal food after all the garbage I've been eating these past weeks. 

So the older generation of Mandarin Speakers are leaving today...I think we're all gonna miss them, they're a great group and have made life real interesting for us over the past weeks...and also now it's gonna be pretty lonely for the next week, up until the new generation comes in!!!  We got new calls on Sunday since the older generation is leaving. Elder W and I got called to coordinate the Sacrament, and his twin brother and his companion are the new Zone Leaders!!! They're an awesome companionship and perfect Zone Leaders.  I wouldn't have chosen anyone else.  Also, this week my companion and I are gonna being moving rooms once the older people leave so finally we'll have space!  We've been sleeping six to a room these past weeks so we're pretty excited to finally have some space for our stuff!!
Oh another exciting thing that happened this week was TRC.  This last Saturday our teacher told us to really prepare for the next TRC because he had a special surprise for us, so we needed to make it our best ever.  So we did, but TRC was normal - great, but nothing different so we were all really confused.  However, afterwards, A, our teacher, gave us a surprise announcement that from now on we would be skyping native people from Taiwan and teaching them from there!!! Apparently we are the first and only district to be able to do this!!  So last night we got to try out Skype for the first time and it was crazy!!! 
 Elder W and I got a lady that couldn't speak any English, so we spent a lot of the time being confused, it was really funny actually.  She told us about Taiwan geography and the landscape, and we taught her a short lesson.  Afterwards, she asked us this question and there was this one word we couldn't understand in it, "xunxi", which means "message".  So we spent at least fifteen minutes trying to figure out the word, and realized she was saying "xinxi" (a word we both knew but because of her accent we couldn't understand it).  As frustrating as that was, looking at it in retrospect it was actually really fun and I'm glad I'm able to know how a little of how it will be when I get to Taiwan.

 Love you guys and good luck with everything this week...Sara I'll see you soon!!! I'll be writing a letter to you today too...
ZaiJian, WenZhangLao

*Here are some pictures shared with us from his companion's mom!!  Thank you! Thank you!!
**Matt has been under the weather a bit this week - he had to get a few more shots so that could be the reason him for not feeling so great.

Matt's Companion and his twin brother
who is going to Sara's Mission in Taipei
At the Piano - his favorite passtime!

"Gummow Marx"

Matt with a goatee!  

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