Elder Matthew Gummow

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11, 2012

Hello Family!!!!

This week has been great, but I'm not really sure why.  It hasn't been
that eventful at all, everythings about the same over here we had the
regular schedule and the regular talks.  My teacher had her birthday
and the old generation of Chinese Elders are getting ready to leave
next week so they can make way for the new ones!!! Sara, I can't wait til
you get here!!! I heard that your gonna be coming in with a group of
nineteen mandarin speaking missionaries, which is pretty small.  Our
group has like 26 or something and the group that's leaving has like
30-40 so the Mandarin branch is going to shrink a lot pretty soon.

Our branch is really amazing though. During our devotionals for the
whole MTC we always have an Elder doing something in the presentation,
and this last Sunday about half of the older generation of Mandarin
speakers sang "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" for the MTC...and it
was amazing! - in my opinion, the best musical number I've heard since
I've been here. The Mandarin Missionaries are awesome!!! I'll be sad
to see them go.

So the Chinese has been going really well and I think that's what made
this week so great.  I hit this point where I can now express myself
pretty well in Chinese.  I mean it's in short sentences and bad
grammar, but I finally have knowledge enough to say what I want to say
and to pretty much understand what is being said.  It feels so good
and makes the class time a lot easier and less stressful. It's amazing
to think I've only been here a month and yet I've learned so much.
It's all thanks to the help of the spirit.

Oh and thanks for the package it was perfect! I loved playing that song
again, and of course I loved the chips. They're just what I wanted!
It's like you read my mind. Oh and that's definitely our family name
right? Elder Cheng from Hong Kong said it was a name on a card for
Chinese New Year...Either way it came just in time and that's going to
be my Chinese name when I get to Taiwan!!!
Anyways, things are going good and I hope things are going good back home too.
Good Luck this week!!!

Zai Jian, Ai

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