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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 28, 2012

Ni Hao Jiating!!!!
Gosh it sound like you've had an exciting week!  I'm sad i missed John coming over but it sounds like it was a lot of fun.  That's crazy about the cars! I can't believe all of that happened at once, bad timing, I guess.  Satan's just trying to work on you for supporting two missionaries.  A similiar thing happened to one of my roomates, but a lot worse.  He got his account hacked right after he left for his mission and now his whole mission fund is gone.
So this week has been crazy exciting for us new Mandarin missionaries.  We have been really blessed and lucky since we got in here.  First off there hasn't been one of the Quorom of the twelve speaking here all summer -but the first week we got in, Neil A. Anderson came to speak to the missionaries!!!!  It was amazing! So awesome and spiritual!  I can't remember ever seeing one of the twelve speak in person before, but it was a great testimony builder to me to see this witness of Christ bear his testimony to us and teach us.  Since it was on Thomas S. Monson's birthday he told us a lot of things about the prophet and shared a lot of amazing stories.
So Chinese has been fun!  I've been overwhelmed everyday by the language though.  The kids that are learning with me are all geniuses and I actually mean geniuses...Like most of them scored around 30-34 on their ACT.  So they are picking up the language like crazy, plus mostly all have had really good previous experience in Chinese.  So I'm really trying hard to keep up when we are teaching and stuff.  But as bad as that sounds, I haven't gotten down about learning the language yet, I just look at how much I've progressed since I first got here and it's been incredible.  I'm starting to understand more and more everyday what our teachers say when they talk in Chinese and I'm starting this SYL program (speak your language) hopefully it will help me improve my ability to speak Chinese. 
The packages were awesome too! Thanks Family and Aimee and Ben.  I have plenty of snacks now...thanks, and the statue was awesome :) Oh and the sheet music was perfect, me and my comp go to the pianos at least once a day now, during mealtime.  He doesn't play but he likes to listen... The food here is disgusting.  It doesn't taste bad but it does weird things to the body.  Lots of people have been getting sick from the adjustment and just last night one of my roomates spent the night throwing it all up.  Also, I have some trouble staying awake during the day...our classroom is really hot and it's hard to stay awake during the long classtimes, but I'm really working on it...finding creative ways to keep myself awake.
But other than those thing the MTC is amazing.  We get some AMAZING speakers on Sundays. Last Sunday the whole day was back to back amazing talks.  After the day was over basically everyone was so excited and so happy to be in the MTC because of the spirit they had felt that day.  It was pretty cool.
Also another exciting thing that happened was during lunch one day President Baker, the president of the MTC, sat next to my companion and told us that the General Authority that was coming to speak Tuesday night wanted to speak to just the Mandarin-speaking missionaries and the missionaries that were from Mandarin-speaking countries.  This pretty much freaked everyone out that maybe China would be opening...we don't know yet but we'll find out at four-thirty today.  Although I'm pretty sure it's just a General Authority that served a mandarin-speaking mission that wants to talk to us.  But it was really exciting to think about!
So that's about all that happened this week.  I'll be sending you pictures soon, haha that reminds me, I shaved my legs because my socks were hurting the hair on them.  Thanks for the temple cards too!  Hopefully I'll be using them today.
GuZhongLao Gummow

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