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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Letter from Elder Matthew Gummow

Matt's Companion - Elder W

 Matt set apart as "Elder Gummow" for the next 2 years

 A last sibling photo

 Elder Gummow was met by neighbor and friend, 
Elder V

Brother and Sister
 - soon to be reunited when Sara goes in on September 26th

Jaiting, Ni hao Ma?
Wow, I can't believe it's almost been a week already!  It's gone so fast yet sooo much has happened.  That's awesome bry's starting school! It's already weird to think back to regular life and everything that's happening.  I'm so glad the separation has been good.  It must be the spirit... I have been having the same experience from the moment I was welcomed into the MTC by Spencer.  Things have been really good.  I mean sometimes at night and in the mornings I miss you guys but it hasn't been near as painful as I thought it would be.  I think it's because of the wonderful purpose I feel here at the MTC and how much comfort it gives me to know I'm doing something so good. 
Oh gosh, so much has happened so fast, I'll have to start from the beginning.  So after Spencer picked me up, we went and checked in and I got my nametag!!!! It was crazy to think that that tag showed that I was a representative of Christ.  Right from the start I saw Nicole.  She was near the lines as we were checking in and ya she's leaving in a week.  I also just saw Sis Sandstrom.  I bet she'll say something to you and she took a picture. 
So after checking in, they took us to class and all they were speaking was Chinese (Zhongwen)!!!!!  I was so overwhelmed because almost everyone there was pretty good at Chinese and I couldn't understand anything... We were soon introduced to our companions- my is Elder W!!! I think that's the one dad was talking about.  It would be a crazy coincidence if it was.  He is great though, definitely chosen for me by the  Lord.  We are really alike in a lot of ways and so far we haven't anything close to conflict.  He's an incredibly smart kid and is way better at Chinese than me. During our lessons I kinda just sit back while he talks to the investigator :)  I mean I try to add things but I'm still so behind on everything.  However, I'm learning incredibly fast.  Our last lesson I could understand most of the conversation and it's only been like five or so days of lessons!!!!  I can really tell the lord is guiding me.  Oh ya on friday we taught our first practice investigator!  It was crazy and overwhelming but an incredibly good learning experience.  We pretty much teach her everyday now. Her name is Linjeimei. 
So all the guys I room with are awesome, incredible!!!  They all are so devoted and incredibly positive and none of us had a really hard time with the change.  I think it's because they're all so devoted.  Elder C is from Hong Kong and went to BYU Hawaii.  He already is basically fluent in Chinese but is here to learn the tones - quiet but funny and very devoted and respectful.  Elder C from Saratoga Springs...super enthusiastic and positive also funny and very compassionate.  Elder P is from Layton, Utah and is really funny and kind and obedient.  Then my companion who personally I think is the best. He is from Colorado Springs, Colorado... I think... but he is really smart and insightful, nice and thoughtful. Oh, also he has a twin brother that is going to Taipei.
So basically I love it here, the food is good but gives you indigestion...speaking of which if you get time a package of just like sweets and stuff would be awesome and a good pick me up.  Just like chocolate stuff and mints and maybe jolly ranchers.  Thanks Sara for the food and the letters you guys put in my journal I'll try and write back today.  Hopefully I didn't miss anything important. The talks are amazing here. The spirit is strong. My Laoshi is amazing return missionary from Taiwan.  Sara, I can't wait to show off my Chinese to you.  Miss you guys - but don't miss me, I'm doing awesome!
GuZhangLao (Elder Gummow)

Oh also DearElder.com is awesome if you guys want to send letters and thanks for the letter this week mom :) 

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