Elder Matthew Gummow

Sunday, July 27, 2014



What THE!!!!!  I can't believe it Sara is engaged!!!!!!!!!!!  I knew it was going to happen I was wondering why it took so long but I can't believe it now that it's happened!!!  John is going to be a part of our family!!!  I can't believe it! So Crazy!!!!

I actually found out before the email.  Jerome and a bunch of other people told me on Sunday night so that was crazy to hear.  Congratulations though Sara!

This week was a good one and a hard one.  It ended really well but was pretty tough near the middle.  This week was the typhoon season!!!  Always exciting time in missionary work.  It makes it hard to do missionary work but at that same time it's exciting to have such a big change in the work and in the atmosphere of Taiwan.

This week we had a lot interesting things happen.  Our main good investigator,  (Q) he had a lot of problems this week.  After failing his interview he got discouraged and lots a lot of faith.  Went to a night club again and had some problems.

After the week and three times of him not showing up to lessons we got to sit down with him again.  He was humbled and really sad.  He asked us "why is it that everything that I tried to do I fail at and quit halfway?"  Touched me really hard.  I feel like I've had similar experiences trying to be my best but falling short and losing faith.  We read the scriptures together Nephi 7 he picked it out for us and of course it was about Nephi and his family leaving Jerusalem.  Laman and Lemuel wanted to go back but Nephi encouraged them to keep going forward or they would lose what they had gain and eventually be destroyed.  It was too perfect, just like Benny.  He had already come so far (quit smoking, found love and faith in Christ, experienced the feelings of repentance)  there was no way he was going back to Jerusalem now.

So ya this was a good week in the end.  Q was back on track has a date now for 8/17 (my last weekend here) and we had another person set up baptismal date and he's looking really good for 8/30.

It's getting weird thinking there so little time left.  I feel as if I'm not willing to face what's back home but it's coming soon so I have to.

Loving being a zone leader and seeing this time come to a conclusion.  Jerome is thinking about going on a mission and just got a calling.  He went on splits a couple times this week with the missionaries in his area. Parsonz is going on a short missionary trip over these next three weeks.  He's so awesome he's been a member less than 2 months and he's already going to be a missionary!!!

Love You Guys!!! Great to hear all the good news about what's going on it's sound like things have really been taking a turn around for the better!

Elder Gummow

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rain and Miracles!

Elder Gummow and his companion are at TGI Friday's in Gaoxiong with his recent convert!  He is having an amazing time and we are down to the last few weeks of his mission!  We received flight plans this past week and he will be arriving on Wednesday, August 20th!!  We will be holding an open house for him on  Saturday, August 23rd 7-9 pm at our home and his homecoming talk will be on August 24th at the Canterbury Chapel in Highland (10417 North 6750 West, HighlandUT)
 (**note that it has changed from our original plan to have it on August 31st)

Hello Family!!!

Good news!!!  This week J.... was baptized!!!  Everything worked out really well in the end and we're super happy for him!!! For the baptism his son came down and joined in the occasion!  His son loved Church too and he kept saying he wanted to join and get baptized too!  So hopefully he's next in line.  Unfortunately though Johnson's family lives in the north so we'll have to refer him to other missionaries!!

This last week we had a couple awesome miracles too.  I think one huge lesson I learned this week was on patience.  This week was super rainy.  It's typhoon season so it's been raining almost everyday and raining hard.  One day when we needed time to contact, it rained...and rained hard!!!  So we had to get off our bikes and start walking to contact people.  I was super bummed because it was messing up our schedule and the effectiveness of our missionary work.  

I talked to Elder Bean and we decided to go around the stores where people were waiting for the rain to stop and talk to them instead.  We find one guy and he invites us to sit by him and wait out the rain.  We started talking and turns out he was really close with missionaries before.  He met with one of our missionaries 10-12 years ago and came to Church a lot.  

We talked more and turns out he's missed come to Church all these years and so we invited him to come back and gave him the address of our Church.  Turns out he's moving next week and he was so surprised to see of all the places he could move to he's moving literally next door to our Church!!!!  He was super grateful to see this miracle and super excited to come back to Church.  

Also I don't know if I talked about X..... last week.  We invited him to fast last week about baptism and he did.  Turns out the lesson was on baptism that week in Church and it DIRECTLY ANSWERED HIS QUESTION!  We talked to him after about it, he knew it was an answer from God, but he still wasn't willing to accept baptism.  It just made me think back to the story of Laman and Lemuel.  They saw an angel.  But afterward still made wrong choices.  Why? Seeing X........ I realized how important is to be humble, a vision won't change you and neither will a direct answer from God.  It takes humility and facing what your weakness is and being willing to act in faith and change!  I just hope we can help him do that!!!!

Good week this week and I love to be able to serve here in Gaoxiong!!! Love You Guys!!!  

Elder Gummow

Oh and I got the Birthday letter!!! Thank you guys so much!!  Love YOu!!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

21 now!

Dear Family!!!

Thanks so much!!!!!  Thanks for the video!!!  I laughed so much when I saw, I still have no idea what you guys were doing or why :)  And why the little Buddhist bow at the end????

This week was a good one and a great progress for this area!  It's super sweet to have Elder Bean back!  Missed that guy! I feel after this week that there has been no pause at all and Elder Bean and I have just been companions together for this whole time.

I think something cool is this time after the other mission experiences I realize how good of a companionship Elder Bean and I make.  He's super devoted to learning how we can continue to grow and improve and we work super well together in that way.  It helps when you have a companion that has that kind of drive so then you guys can push each other instead of just you pushing yourself.

This week had a bunch of miracles!  It was crazy I feel like from when Elder Bean came here we just started have tons of miracles!  Just like what happened when we were in Zhongming, he just brings a lot of faith into this area.

This week on Wednesday we were contacting in the city and Elder Bean and I run into this guy and this lady.  I immediately recognized the face but only vaguely...so I asked him...are you Mr. W  ?  He was so surprised!!  and then looked at me a little closer and realized who I was!  I was the missionary that contacted him two years ago in Zuoying!!!  I totally remembered who he was too.  He is the first guy that I contacted that came to Church in Zuoying.  He was super cool too!!!  I remember meeting with him, he said that his family is almost all Christian, when I met him he was having a bad day but I helped him feel happier so he was willing to meet.  I couldn't believe it I was wondering about him after all these years but it was such a huge miracle to meet him on the streets again in a city of millions of people!!! the odds were like .001% that I would see him again! He better get baptized!!!

This week the other miracle!  J.... passed his interview and he is doing awesome and totally prepared for baptism!!!  He's looking good for his service this Saturday and everybody loves the guy!!

Also Brother Q!!  We taught him the word of wisdom this week and he decided right then and there that he was quitting smoking!!  That was it for him!!!  So we went outside and I took his cigarettes!  He hasn't smoked for 5 days now!!!  So proud of him and he's looking great for baptism this 26th!!!  Love the guy so much and he's been such a great example to me.

My birthday was cool.  That day I was actually sick, but it was okay I took some Advil and it was all cool.  We actually had a missionary day in our stake that day so we had two young men that worked with us all day. It was fun and that was the day Johnson passed his interview so I can't complain it - was a pretty fulfilling Saturday!!!

Jerome's movie was super awesome too, that was so cool to see everyone and I was really happy that Jerome was here this year to celebrate with us, it was a good birthday!!

Link to the Surprise Birthday Video

Oh and a question!  What Chinese class am I signed up for right now??

Good to hear from you family!!! Love YOU!!!!!

Elder "Warm Water Gummow"

Monday, July 7, 2014

Last transfer! 21st Birthday on Saturday!

Elder Gummow turns 21 on July 12!  I can't believe he is getting so old!  He was just a teenager when he left!  He has 6 weeks before returning home to Utah and I am sure it will be bitter sweet.  We continue to pray for his success in all and that he can survive the heat and humidity!  Below is a picture of his he and his companion that just finished his mission and the young man that he met in Douliu that was baptized last week.

Dear Family!!!!

WOW what a week!!  I can't believe it Elder C...   is gone!  He finished packing up last night and then that was it. He took off this morning after taking a couple pictures and now he's on his way to Taichung right now.  I'm gonna miss the man.  We had a really good move call together.  Saw a bunch of success, a ton of spiritual experiences and just a lot of good things happened.  It was a good move call and he was a good companion.  I have to be honest - it made me a bit trunky seeing him going, as well as a little bit anxious. There is only 6 weeks left of my mission.  It's such a short time and a move call flies by in mission time.  I only have this much time to finish serving the Lord with all that I've got!!!

You'll never guess who my new companion is!!!!  Oh man it's so crazy!!  Elder Bean is my new zone leader companion!!!!  My first real junior companion and now he's coming back here to Gaoxiong to finish things.  It's really a nice full circle for my mission.  I love Elder Bean as a companion, he's a super righteous, super obedient missionary, so we're going to have tons of fun this move call!!!.  I'm super pumped.  I still can't believe it.

This week went pretty well and smooth.  We had some good progression with our investigators.  J..... is back and meeting with us regularly!  He hopefully will be getting baptized this next, next week.  We finished the law of tithing with him this week so he's good with all the commandments and he's got a really good testimony.  He's sharing with his whole family and his son is going to come here next week so hopefully we can get the whole family involved.  He's really had a change of heart.

Q....... is doing really good to.  This week we taught him about coming to Church on Sunday.  He normally has work the night before so he sleeps through the afternoon but we asked him to come and he was super willing to change.  This week he made it to church!!!!  Although the only problem is he was 2 hours late :)  that's okay though he'll be on time next week.

I'm looking forward to this last move call!  It should be a good end to the mission and I"m excited to leave my last mark on Taiwan and this mission.  It's really an honor to be a missionary.  I love having the chance to help other missionaries and help others in their circumstances and to meet so many awesome investigators. 

Birthday this week -
I'm excited for it! J...... should be getting his interview this Saturday and I'll probably go get something to eat with Jerome.  Although it feels pretty like a normal day having a Birthday in Taiwan on a mission.  

Well love you guys a ton and so grateful for the mail this week!  Great to hear all the news!  Love You Guys!!!!

Elder Gummow  

Monday, June 30, 2014

100th post!!


Wow this week was a crazy one!! But it was great to hear all the good news today!!!!  Sounds like a lot of good things happened this week!!  Looks like a lot of hope for the future!!  Glad to hear the family's doing well!  Love them and praying for them!!!

This week was,....well it looked really good at the start but then it ended really just okay in the end.  This week we got attacked on all fronts, my companion got sick, some problems with the ward, investigators not showing up to appointments.  I don't know why but ever since I've been here it's been harder to do missionary work.  

But apart from this I know how important it is to KEEP THE FAITH !!!  There is still definitely a bunch of good things going on and it's important to keep focused on what's ahead and keep pushing forward.  If anything at all we saw some great new investigators this week, as well as a self-contact that looks really really cool!!

It's the last week for my companion here. I sure hope he gets feeling better for his last week here. love the guy and it will be really sad to see him go.  He's an awesome missionary and we had a really good move call together!

The great news was to hear about G....!  I'm so glad that he got baptized!!!  We saw him this Monday and he was doing awesome!  I could tell that the Gospel has changed him so much and I was so happy to see it in him!!  He was so much more confident and happy!

His situation...He was actually a former investigator from a couple years ago...I don't know why the missionaries stopped teaching him.  He's loved Christianity his whole life though and was super open and willing to the idea of baptism.  He was of course a little scared about it all at first but after coming a couple times to Church and feeling the spirit there and meeting members he progressed really quickly.  He's a super awesome guy!!!

Q.... is doing awesome.  He's been progressing wonderfully and we're still hoping for his baptism on the 18 of July!!  Also J.... is looking really good too, we met with him this Monday and he has been praying and reading with his family!  He took 2 Book of Mormons from us last time so he could start reading with his family too.  He has definitely been touched by the Spirit!

So things are looking up for these next couple weeks and we are really excited for this last week with Elder Cornilles.  It's time for the last sprint to the finish line!!

Love You Family!!!!

Elder Gummow

Monday, June 23, 2014

Learning about faith - visualize!

Hello Family!

Wow thanks for the great update this week!  That was so crazy to see Chase's email and see where he is now and how much he's changed already.  He seems like a stud missionary!  I can't believe he's the only white guy in his District too, that's so crazy!! Do you by chance have his email?  I would love to write the guy.

Glad to hear things are looking better and looking more up.  It was quite a shock last week to hear the news but prayers and focusing on the work have helped a lot and this week turned out really great!  Tons of miracles which was really good.

This week was awesome because we were able to get 2 new goals and some new investigators which was super sweet!  We've been trying really hard this last week to improve our area and see things like this happen and it finally did!

It feels good.  We were kind of in a rut there for a bit, but it feels like we've finally pulled out of it and now we're back on the path that God's wants us to be.

This week a cool experience.  We had this new investigator his name is Q......Lea.  He taught me a lot about faith this week.  I was super surprised when we first met with him.  His body is covered with tattoos and his nails are long and his hair is died a different color.  At first I was just thinking...this guy is just going to meet with us once, he's just interested in Americans or something like that.  But I immediately realized that was a horrible thought and remembered President Monson's talk about this missionary that had tons of success on his mission because everyone he talked to he imagined them dressed in white.  So i did the same thing.  It was crazy!  We met with him on Tuesday then he came to Church on Sunday for the full time.  We watched the Joseph Smith movie and he felt the spirit and we started talking about Baptism.  He says that he has lot of sins and mistakes that he feels bad for and he wants to be able to get rid of them.  He wants a new start to his life. The spirit was sooooo incredibly strong and his desire was super strong!  At the end, He basically set up his own date in the end 7/18 so less than a month away!

The next was another manifestation of the Spirit and how it can change people.  Johnson an investigator we have right now.  He says that every time he comes to Church he's really happy and he doesn't know why.  We talked to him about the spirit and he asked us if he had been baptized in another Church does he need to get baptized again.  We talked about baptism with him and he's willing to.  His date is also for the 18th

This week Brother X... didn't end up getting baptized :( It was a little bummer.  He says he wants to now but he wants his mother to support him first.  So we're still working with him.  He'll get baptized eventually.  His wife did get baptized this week though which is great news!!!  It was a great baptismal service and she gave an amazing talk on her conversion process.  Super Awesome Family!!!

This week was great and it's great to hear from you guys!!!  Love You guys and praying for you!!

Elder Gummow

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day 2014


"This week there is not too much to report.  It was a okay week for us here but we're still looking forward to some good improvement in our area.  I know that we just need to work hard and the results will come.  God's just trying to teach us that we need to change in someway and we're trying to work that out. It was the same way as when we we were in Douliu.  Also Elder C is going home soon so we hope to see more success before he goes.

Exchanges have been fun though. This week I was able to have a small reunion as I was able to exchange with Elder J (my trainee) and Elder O (old district member)  they are both super super awesome missionaries and I'm so glad to have a chance to serve with them again.  Elder Jiang is awesome and he has progressed a ton lately, he's really an amazing missionary.  And it was good to be with Elder Ogunbote again, he's a solid missionary and has been having some good success lately.

We saw miracles together.  With Elder O

we met a new family.  They were super awesome. A single dad with his two daughters.  The Dad was hesitant but the two little girls were angels.  We asked the family if they wanted to come to Church and the girls said YES!!! Which convinced the Dad that they had to go.  I love the way the Lord works sometimes.

Things are still good lately and we're looking forward to this next week as there is a lot of potential for next week.  We hope things work out!  Pray for us!!

Love You Family and I hope that all is well!  My heart really reaches out to you guys at this time!!!

Elder Gummow

PS  Here is the new suit I had made